John Arshadi MD, MBA     |     The Residency Mentor

I graduated medical school in 2010 from M.S. Ramaiah Medical college in Bangalore, India and am therefore considered an International Medical Graduate (IMG), even though I am a born U.S. citizen. So you can imagine the difficulty I had trying to get through the USMLEs and the residency match process, much like what you may be going through yourself right now. As an IMG I have faced almost every difficulty and every question you can possibly imagine, with the exception of visa issues, when it comes to getting licensed in the US. How do I study for the steps? What’s the best time to take them? What order should I take them in? Where do I get clinical experience? How do I prepare my ERAS application? How important is my personal statement? How many programs should I apply to? What are my chances of matching with my score, year of grad, country of graduation, amount of hands-on experience, etc… It’s very easy to get caught up in all of this internal noise and what makes it even worse is we often find ourselves turning to internet forums where we get poor advice from people who are either in the same stage as we are ourselves or people on a different level that are totally oblivious to the unique situation we find ourselves in.

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After going through this entire process myself, I wanted to share this information with others in order to save them a ton of time, money, and effort. I have always lived my life based on the pursuit of impact and this was my way of providing impact and value to my colleagues. I spent the better part of a decade studying, getting clinical experience, and networking in the medical field. In early 2016, I was invited to teach at the Institute of Medical Boards. This turned out to be the turning point which would ultimately change my career trajectory. Since then I have taught at 3 different medical board review courses and have impacted the lives of many students and graduates seeking residency in the US. Over a decade of experience searching for answers first for myself and then for my students has given me deep insight into why some people tend to perform better or worse than others while taking board exams and preparing for the residency match. Even if a person is not necessarily smarter or more skilled than the other! I have identified proven strategies that everyone, regardless of past performance, can incorporate into their daily habits to perform better and get the outcome they desire.

How I can help you…

Teaching and advising for notable review courses such as the Institute of Medical Boards and Kaplan Medical, I have mentored and coached hundreds of medical students and graduates from around the world in preparation for the USMLE examinations and the residency match process. Many of whom have already matched into their dream specialty. I am well versed in all aspects of exam prep including study planning, material, techniques, and test-taking strategies. I have also read and critiqued dozens of personal statements, letters of recommendations, and ERAS applications. When you work with me, you will get help with all of the above and more importantly your own personalized residency timeline with proven action steps. When preparing for the USMLEs and residency match, knowing what to do and how to do it, as well as what not to waste your time with is half the battle. I can provide you with the proper tools and encouragement to adopt an invincible mindset and undeterrable work ethic, keeping you motivated, positive, and cognizant of your true, untapped potential and academic capabilities.

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